Your worth as a person is not based on your productivity levels.

I am a graduate-educated tornado scientist turned self-employed editor, pet parent, and new mom to an infertility/rainbow baby.

My husband and I both work from home (and did so even before the pandemic) in Maryland and have spent a lot of time learning how to balance work, life, and marriage, particularly since we spend all day together with a baby in the house.

I used to spend a lot of time obsessing over my work. Literally obsessing, with a medical diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive disorder. I was a typical “old soul” gifted child growing up, which inevitably resulted in burn-out in both graduate school and the career adventures that followed.

My focus now is on balance.

Time for my family, time for my work, and time for myself.

Hopefully my musings on all of this are at least entertaining to you, and perhaps thought-provoking.

I’ve turned off blog comments but would love to chat with you on Instagram or Twitter (@mallierydzik).

Tidbits about me

  • I never stay in one place for too long, but that may be changing now with parenthood. I was an Army brat growing up, moving from state-to-state my entire childhood.
  • I have OCD, depression, general anxiety, and binge eating disorder. I gained 100 pounds between 2010 and 2015, then stabilized with the help of therapy and medication. I am not actively focused on weight loss but I am focused on improving my mental and physical health.
  • When I was 30, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. My quality of life is much better now that my autoimmune issues and inflammation are under control! Having a chronic illness is still draining, however, and it has made me even more committed to work-life balance.
  • My husband (Matt) and I met while storm chasing for my graduate research. Now we have three cats, a dog, and a baby.
  • Our son was born a few weeks before the pandemic was declared after a multi-year battle with infertility and miscarriage.
  • After grad school, I took on various jobs and business ventures, including corporate technical writing, nannying, dog walking, tutoring the children of some of D.C.’s richest and most influential people, freelance writing and editing, and business coaching.
  • As an outgoing introvert, I found myself burning out again as a business coach, who always had to be “on” and promoting myself. The industry was too self-obsessed, and I found myself going down an unhealthy and narcissistic path that was not in my best interests.
  • My job/career now is as a scientific/academic editor for ESL scientists working to publish their research in English-language journals. It is the right mix of my innate (language) and learned (science) skills to keep my brain active, but it is flexible and high-paying enough to allow me to work fewer than 20 hours per week and spend more time with my family.