About Me & You

You are more than the work you are doing.

There has been a movement online toward operating your business and career entirely under your personal brand.

And that can be a smart, strategic move.

But I bet you do things outside of work. Like play soccer, or do stand-up, or argue over board games with your family. You might have other businesses or creative projects you’d like to share with the world.

Whatever you’re doing, you’re certainly not the one-dimensional being that most marketing and career coaches teach you to be online.

And, these days, most personal brand websites make the actual person disappear.

Personally, I am:

  • A graduate-degreed tornado scientist
  • A runner returning to the craft
  • A writer eyeing multiple genres currently trapped in one
  • An aspiring humorist
  • A lifelong political junkie
  • A travel enthusiast as inspired by my childhood as an Army brat
  • An advocate for mental health with various mental illnesses
  • An unabashed fan of The Bachelor franchise

We all have contrast inherent in our lives, but the internet often asks that we mask the contradictory components of ourselves so that we don’t confuse our audiences.

What if we chose to embrace the confusion?

A little more about me…

In 2013, I got into the online business world after diagnoses of obsessive-compulsive disorder, major depression, and binge eating disorder forced me to leave a PhD program in atmospheric science. I was a published, budding tornado scientist with work that actually impacted lives, and I was living my childhood dream of chasing tornadoes for a living.

But underneath the ivory tower were other unexplored paths that I’d left behind. I started college as an international affairs and Spanish major. I’d always wanted to write professionally and incorporate travel in my work. I had some experience as a singer and pianist. In my freshman year dorm, there was an unofficial gambling pot around what major I’d settle on by graduation.

Am I special? No. Humans are inherently multifaceted, creative creatures.

And that word—creative—is one that has taken me awhile to identify with. Because once I picked the path of the hard sciences, I was put in an all-too-common, all-too-human, us vs. them situation: STEM vs. liberal arts.

But creativity is ultimately about making connections, doing something new, and making things fit together that no one thought was possible before.

So welcome back to a 2008-era blog.

You’re not going to walk away with “actionable tips” each week.

But I hope you’re inspired to get a bit less structured and way more candid with your own business. Or at least your own life.

It’s time to bring the “personal” back into the personal brand.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect:

  • Conversations About Entrepreneurship: Are we doing it right? Is the online business model sustainable? How are we driving ourselves mad with hustle?
  • The Writer’s Life: From NaNoWriMo to the intricacies of editing and publishing.
  • Freedom, Creativity, and Influence: Are they intertwined or contradictory?
  • Travel, Health, and Lifestyle: A look behind-the-scenes at my life, trips, and cats, plus starting a dialogue around mental and physical health
  • Rants, Raves, and Musings: Essays on all of the above and then some


  • Hold up, so you really chased tornadoes for a living?

Yup, you’ll find that life (and associated publications) under my maiden name, Mallie Toth.

  • How’s that book coming along?

Yeah yeah yeah. I have a lot of book ideas. I’ve written pieces of all of them. I’ve yet to publish one. I’m optimistic about that changing in 2018.

  • How exactly are you making money?

Depends on the day, month, and time of year. Up until recently, I was mostly coaching and consulting other entrepreneurs. Right now, I’m mostly providing editing services to academics who speak English as a second language. I have some passive income books and products. I like to have my hand in a few projects at a time. Email me if you’ve got something in mind.

  • I want to hear more about your cats!

This is obviously a real FAQ and not something I made up to talk about my cats! They’re all over my Instagram, so be sure to follow me there.

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