Plenty of things are up for debate in the business world. But the verdict is in on masterminds: a good one is (sometimes literally) worth its weight in gold.

Here’s what various successful online entrepreneurs have had to say about how masterminds have grown their own businesses.

The masterminds I’m a part of force me–sometimes kicking and screaming–out of my own head. I’m no longer caught up in a box of my own devising. There are plenty of people there to support me, challenge me, and push me so I’m much less likely to be the victim of self-sabotage.

Tara Gentile

If you want to grow your business beyond where you are right now, a mastermind is a must. When you work side-by-side with other business owners who have your back and want nothing more than your ultimate success, success is nearly inevitable.

Jenny Shih

Peer masterminds have helped give me a place to brainstorm my ideas, vent my frustrations, celebrate my successes, and just overall not feel so alone in my business. Everyone should be in a mastermind of one sort or another.

Rebecca Tracey

Being able to get other smart people to help me see the holes in my business has increased my revenue by 250%.

Halley Gray

Surrounding yourself with likeminded individuals is essential to success in business. Let’s face it, entrepreneurship can be lonely and not everyone in our lives “gets it”. But if you can find a support system that believes in you, it will bring out the very best in you and will set you on course for bigger and better things in your business (and life)!

Cailen Ascher

I think masterminds are a the cornerstone of a successful entrepreneur, and that’s because it’s a time where you can get outside of your head and outside of your day to day to really take an honest look at what’s happening in your business (for better or worse). I think they can take a lot of different forms, and in different parts of your business you may need a different version. I can’t think of any one mastermind experience that I could have stuck with forever, each one lead me to my next one. I can say though I’m consistently in some sort of mastermind because that’s what keeps me moving forward.

Stacey Harris

Being in the right mastermind is an expansive and illuminating experience. When you are with women who will help stretch you and remind you of your truth, power, and vision, you are unstoppable and even set backs feel like stepping stones. I adore feeling seen and supported by my Mastermind sisters.

Rocky Callen

Masterminds are a key part of my business strategy. Being able to get support from a diverse group of experts that have more experience than I do in certain areas allows me to do better in my business.

Nicole Jackson

I’ve been a part of Adrienne Dorisons masterminds that were also part of retreats and it really opened my eyes to the gaps in my business. The biggest thing I get out of masterminds is the perspective that others bring and I love being able to share my experience and knowledge. In my last mastermind I stepped into my role as a life coach outside of my nutrition coaching with skyrocketed my business. We just can’t see our own stuff

Lisa Carpenter

Being in masterminds has been a HUGE part of why my business is successful. Especially working online- sometimes it can feel like I’m all by myself in weirdo magic land. Being in a mastermind has been great both for community and connection, and for being able to regularly vision and get feedback from people who GET where I’m at and what I do! It’s kind of priceless.

Kate Marolt

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