This is part 1 of a 4-part series on moving from solopreneur to CEO in your creative business!

The solopreneur hamster wheel….

When you first start out in business, all you want is to get clear and get clients.

You spend late nights working on your website and your offers, and when people finally bite, you’re happy to serve them.

This is the dream! You’re making money doing something you care about!

And then your first clients wrap up. Now you need more clients.

So it’s back to the Facebook groups, posting away for visibility, sharing your blog posts, hopping on promo threads, and generally crossing your fingers for another client.

Another one bites! A new client! Business is great! How exciting!

And the cycle continues.

It’s easy to get stuck on the solopreneur hamster wheel.

After all, you need the cash, and if people are willing to pay, it’s hard to just step back for a couple of months and work on the business.

But if you’re going to make meaningful change with your business without burning out in the first few years, you have to shift your perspective.

You have to start approaching your business like a CEO.

Yes, your little creative, one-woman copywriting business deserves a CEO. And you deserve to be one.

Let’s look at the differences between a solopreneur and a CEO.

The solopreneur…

  • Gets bogged down by the details
  • Is constantly chasing down that next client
  • Serves everyone because they need cash and can’t turn people down
  • Thinks they have to do everything themselves (because no one does it quite like you!)
  • Wants to do 1-on-1 work…only…forever

The CEO…

  • Thinks big picture and hires out the details (once they’ve nailed them themselves)
  • Has marketing systems in place to bring in leads and clients while they sleep
  • Is restrictive in whom they work with
  • Happily delegates things they’re not the best at
  • Looks to scale to serve a bigger clientele

And that’s not even getting into things like the better leadership mindset an executive brings to the table, the confidence a CEO instills in their team and their clients, and the rates a person who thinks of themselves as a CEO can command.

Thinking of yourself like a boss is the first step in moving toward thinking bigger about your work.


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