Daniela Woerner, Founder of AddoAesthetics

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During the time we were working together, I added over a thousand new subscribers to my list. I started and grew my Facebook group. I started with no members and now, in less than six months, has over 3,000 members. She also helped me with really cleaning up my website and helping it speak to my ideal client, and just really talked me through some things to get clear on strategy.

I can tell you that working with Mallie and hiring her was one of the best decisions that I made for my business to help me with strategy, to help me get clear on my launch plan, and also to grow my list and grow my audience.

If you have the opportunity to work with Mallie, I highly recommend it!

I first heard Mallie on a podcast and was immediately drawn in by her unique POV. Months later, we started working together.

Mallie forced me (in a good way) to challenge my assumptions so my business could thrive. Her insistence on setting a realistic value on my services along with her effective marketing ideas helped me grow my business and triple my revenues from third to fourth quarter.

Here’s the thing I’ve recently realized, the most important skill I developed while working with Mallie is the ability to automatically think from a CEO’s perspective. And that skill is what will propel me to continued, sustainable success.

Becky Berry

Performance Coach

Before working with Mallie, I had a ton of ideas and goals, but they were all in my head. I desperately needed the guidance to not only get it out on paper but also map it out in a smart, actionable way that would give me a roadmap to make the incremental changes for achieving those goals.

First, I started off with  Mallie’s CEO Bootcamp as a way to ease into business coaching, and I loved what I was uncovering, but I also discovered that I needed to dive deeper with some of the foundational pieces of my business to get the roadmap I was creating in CEO Bootcamp to work.

After doing a full-day intensive with Mallie, all the pieces came together, and I not only had a  fully developed plan for moving toward my goals, but I also was able to get super clear on other aspects of my business. For example, how to position myself as an authority in my niche, who I want to be working with, and how to shift my core offerings so that what I’m saying and who I’m saying it to align with the work I love to do.

As someone who had hesitation about the coaching industry, working with Mallie dissipated all those fears as she was practical, kept our session laser-focused, and left me feeling 100 times more confident in myself, my business and my plan for making the changes I need to make to see my goals actualized.

If you’re feeling like you’re flying by the seat of your pants in your business, I highly suggest bringing Mallie in to help you hone in on what’s working, what’s not, and what you need to do to get a grip on the business and work life you envision for yourself.

Danielle Pastula

Content Strategist

(On her virtual VIP day:) Fabulous meeting with Mallie. Major breakthroughs and a wonderful pivot to a better long-term plan for my business. She helped me identify needed mindset shifts and clarify which services were best for helping my clients achieve their goals. It is a wonderful feeling to have a sustainable business plan that will bring me creative joy.

Chrissy Das

Writer and Owner at Content With Chrissy

Working with Mallie has been transformational for my business. When I started with Mallie I had been in business for a little over a year, and while I was making progress, I needed help taking my business to next level.

While working with Mallie, I updated my website, re-branded my business, gained more clarity on my unique value proposition to clients, honed my pricing, and expanded my service offerings. Not only is Mallie knowledgeable about the nuts and bolts of business operations, but I also greatly appreciate that Mallie allowed me to remain authentic in my business and services. In all our conversations, she helped me hone in on the unique attributes I bring to the table.

Business is a journey, but I’ve experienced great growth with Mallie and I am excited to work with her again so that I can scale my business to even BIGGER heights. Thank you Mallie!

Lawrese Brown

Career Coach and Professional Speaker

Mallie was an unwavering support and I accomplished more in our time together then I have on my own!

We put together a 3-month action plan that worked for me and I was able to ask all my questions. She was up-front and gave me constructive feedback where I put out an offer and acquired 2 new clients immediately. I enjoyed working with her and I highly recommend her services to anyone that needs a organised business coach.

Nicole Stacewicz

Online Marketing Strategist

Inspiring and motivating! I had the pleasure of co-hosting the You’ve Got This Online Summit and Mallie was one of our speakers. We left the Summit inspired and ready to challenge ourselves to do greater things which Mallie contributed to significantly. Her knowledge, experience and curiosity for life is clearly demonstrated by her presentation. I will attend Mallie’s speaking engagements every chance I get!

Nora Whalen

Career and Business Coach

When I started working with Mallie, I was mired in both a ton of time-intensive client work and a mess of self-recrimination over how much business development work I had to do that wasn’t getting done. I was tired, stressed, and frustrated. Mallie helped me reframe my self-perception from a harried editor with too much on my plate to a decisive business director with the self-assurance to choose what works for me and what doesn’t.
This shift has changed the very foundation of my professional life. I’ve changed the kind of clients I work with, written the draft of my first book, started bringing on assistants for large projects, and am exploring professional speaking. I still work hard, but I spend less time per day working and feel much less stressed and worried. I feel ready to grow with my business now, and Mallie was a big help in getting me to that point.
James Ranson

Founder and Director, The Master Wordsmith

I went to Mallie after coming back from working in the corporate world. I had decided to go back to running my own company but wanted to make sure I started again on the right foot. As Mallie had put it, I was feeling like I was in small business purgatory. I needed a plan and someone to help me redirect the ship.

When I started with Mallie I had 1 client, an old website, and no Facebook page to speak of. Today, I have 3 new social media clients and 2 corporate client. I have former clients who have come back to me and are now paying me 5 times what they used to pay me.

I have a brand new website and a social media presence that I can feel good about. I finally feel confident in my pricing and, after working with Mallie for 4 months, I have a solid 6-month plan with projected income, deliverables, and measurable goals.

Mallie was always there for me when I needed her and gave it to me straight. Having a business coach was definitely what I needed to get back into the game and to move forward out of my business rut.

Heather Mykelgard

Digital Marketer

Mallie is AMAZING. I literally started my business from scratch when I met her – I had no idea where to go and what to do. She was so warm and friendly, I immediately felt comfortable bouncing ideas off of her. More than that, she provided me free and cost-effective resources, even when I didn’t ask!

As a mother trying to get my business off the ground and working, emailing with Mallie saved me time. She was quick to respond and always checked in with me. I’ve grown SO much – starting a business doesn’t feel as overwhelming anymore! If you’re on the fence about choosing a business coach, pick Mallie. You won’t regret it!

Heather Myers

Author and Book Coach

This is incredible, Mallie.  You have a gift for asking questions, offering practical suggestions, and breaking things down. . . Thanks for your offering of clarity & possibility!

Jennifer Parde

Musical Coach and Healer

Mallie is stellar. She was totally ready to dive-in at the beginning of our call, and she hit a ton of important (read: actionable!) points in less than 30 minutes.

I was feeling overwhelmed and unsure about what to do next in my business, and Mallie helped carve out some direction in a really honest and incredibly useful way.

Not only that, she connected me with a fabulous new business partner who I am so happy to now know!

My chat with Mallie was hands down the best thing I did for my business all month.

Natalie Donohue

Research Analyst

Mallie has an amazing ability to cut through confusion and excuses and get straight to the heart of the matter, whatever the topic.

When I started my call with her, my brain was all over the place, and I had a million questions and no answers. Ten minutes in, I was already calmer and had some solid ideas for growth, and by the end of the call, I felt like a brand new person.

She has a knack for asking just the right questions, and getting you to a place where you feel like anything is possible. Her follow up is also incredible – detailed, thorough, and full of helpful suggestions and actionable steps.

I would absolutely recommend Mallie to anyone looking for clarity or direction in their business. She is completely fantastic.

Jordan Hansen

Virtual Assistant

I needed to feel organized and in control of my business systems, and Mallie’s course gave me tons of insight into how to run my coaching practice.  The most useful parts for me focused on pricing my products and creating a social media management plan that works for me!  I got tools that I could use right away to help my business run more efficiently, as well as planning and organizing tips that help me run my day smoothly, putting the important things first.  Anyone who is feeling stressed out about putting all of the moving parts of their business together can benefit from Mallie’s course, she is a delight to work with and a natural born teacher!

Danika Czubak

Sales and Leadership Coach

Mallie brings her personal stories into her presentations creating an opportunity for the audience to connect with her and her message.

Jess Dewell

Advisor, Consultant, Speaker

I came across the work of Mallie Rydzik and booked a session to gain clarity in my marketing systems around my new website. Mallie is someone who uses her intuition and helped me with a marketing structure.  Her resources are fabulous and I already have started implementing them.

Karen Whitelaw-Smith

Intuitive Healer, Medium, MindMentor, Speaker, Int'l Author

So you’ve changed my life. Asana is the bomb. All of a sudden I’m feeling less overwhelmed. Being able to see everything has resolved my anxiety. Can’t wait to see what the other tools will do for me!

Becky Graham

Founder and CEO, GenYize

Thank you for everything you do for your tribe – our call was great and I cannot wait to implement everything so I can work with you again in the future. I love coaching that is direct and to-the-point, and you managed that while still being incredibly friendly.

Jessica Garnett

Designer and Wedding Consultant

“This was exactly what I needed. Mallie helped me with what I needed to get on track with a concise marketing plan. I now feel focused and ready to put it out into the world.”

Kimberli Werner

Artist and Crafts Seller

I have to say, when I booked a 30 minute session with Mallie I was pretty skeptical about what we’d be able to accomplish in such a short time frame.

So many business coaches spend most of those minutes pitching additional sessions and other services they offer. Not Mallie! She pitched her business service to me by DELIVERING.

I ended the session with so many action items and ideas that I still haven’t had time to implement them all. She got me, and my business immediately.

I can’t recommend her highly enough, don’t miss out on finding out what she’ll see in your business that you don’t!

Katy Allred

Mindfulness Coach

I absolutely loved my session with Mallie! It’s often hard to step outside my business to look at it critically and find ways to improve. That’s exactly what Mallie did. Talking with her was easy and fun–even whenshe asked the hard questions I’d been putting off on my own. I walked away energized and enthusiastic about the next steps I needed to take, and within 24 hours I’d outlined my first eBook. She helped me get on the track I needed, and I would enthusiastically recommend her to fellow millennials who need a jump start with their online businesses.

Sarah Eutsler

Writer, Designer, and Branding Expert

“Mallie was on point and candid during my Clarity session. She answered questions that had eluded me, provided me with resources and truly brainstormed with the zest you’d expect from a partner – not a coach. Mallie made it feel like she’d been in my head all along, and could relate and guide me through all of the circles of options and obstacles I’d explored and those I allowed to loom over me.

I am now hooked. I’m a Mallie-fan and while implementing all of the goodies from my session, plan to come back for more.

Investing in anything is scary – but this is THE investment that you will want to make – not only in your business, but in yourself.”

Stacy Kazimer

Creative Consultant

“I began my work with Mallie with a solid idea and rough plan for getting there. She helped me fill in a lot of blanks, particulary in terms of decisions and steps regarding technology, technical aspects, and social media. I would say that technical skills and social media are among my weakest skills. Mallie provided great ideas and support in these areas, which saved me a great deal of time that I might have used researching approaches and teaching myself skills.

In addition to the specific help and skills that Mallie brought to our planning session and follow-up, as a solo entrepreneur, it was great to have somebody I could bounce ideas off and ask for second opinions. She was always helpful and quick to respond.”

Casey Schultz

Educational Consultant

Having Mallie as a career coach has been a fantastic and motivating experience! She is very encouraging, positive, knowledgeable, and professional. Her insight has helped me to clarify goals and motivated me to peruse my passions and incorporate them as part of my own career strategy.

Mallie truly has the ‘entrepreneurial spirit’; she loves what she does, and it shows! Her excellently organized ‘session notes’ come with ‘action-able’ weekly steps and insightful links/references that keep momentum up.

I’ve come away from each session feeling more empowered and excited about the future it actually makes work fun. I highly recommend ‘The Off Road Millennial’ if you have the desire to do what you love as a career.

Lauren (Hill) Forney

Entrepreneur and Consultant

I honestly did not know what to expect from our coaching sessions but quickly realized the value of Mallie’s perspective and knowledge.

For me, Mallie’s pragmatic approach was spot on! She actively listens, keeps you focused on your goals, provides practical advice and concrete ideas, values accountability, and calls attention to the little (and big) successes along the way. With her help I was able to identify issues holding me back in my career, set priorities, and take action –something I could not have done on my own.

It was truly a pleasure to work with Mallie. I am now armed with the tools, and mindset, with which to achieve my current and future goals.

Dr. Alexandria Johnson

Scientist at MIT

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