Author’s Note: This was originally intended to simply be an email to my list. But after I sent it out on Monday, others who heard that I was shifting asked me to forward it along to them so they knew what was up. So as I work to overhaul my brand, website, and this very blog, I felt it was important to make this information–and peek inside my creative process–available to my entire audience. Enjoy.

I’ve spent the past 2 weeks in business purgatory.

On February 20th, I came out of a call with my own coach with a logical and straightforward path to promoting my new Incubator and live event.

I then proceeded to do nothing for a week.

Well, not quite nothing.

I went hiking three days in a row. I cooked and cleaned in a way that left Matt asking if I was feeling ok. And then, that Friday, I posted on my personal Facebook page that I realized I haven’t been running my business the way I want to for awhile.

What that meant, I wasn’t quite sure. It was particularly confusing because I was (and am) legitimately excited about the Incubator and the event. They fill a need I see not being met in our market.

So why did talking about promoting these things I was truly happy about cause this feeling of dis-ease to bubble up?

I tell my clients that they should revisit their business foundations at least once a year.

Within the business framework I created and teach, that means your positioning, packaging, and promotional strategies.

I didn’t create this framework out of thin air, either; it’s based on the work I’ve done personally and with clients over my past 4+ years in business.

And while I am an occasional fan of “do as I say, not as I do,” I believe I would be remiss to not utilize my own process when I go through a business shift.

Now, those of you who have been following me for awhile know that I happily shift my brand once or twice a year. Sometimes drastically.

Well it’s time to shift again, but this time in a less drastic but more important way.

I’ve spent the past week in Texas to speak at one of my former coach’s event, Practical Magic Live.

Live events really are something else. Having the space to look at your business (and life) in a new way is empowering. New environments help your brain create new connections.

And I’ve begun to parse through why I have been experiencing a lot of resistance to my business over the past few months, and in the past two weeks in particular.

My business pivots over the past few years have gotten me away from my original Why, which is to change the way the world works by encouraging creative entrepreneurship worldwide with a strategic, lifestyle-based approach to business.

I believe that:

  1. You’re the boss
  2. There’s no formula for what we’re doing
  3. All impassioned work is creative work, and
  4. Your work should serve your lifestyle and your mission(s)

From what I can tell, none of this is coming through in my day-to-day business.

And that sucks.

So I’m making some changes to better align my business with my values (and, um, what I tell my clients to do). More will be emerging, but I don’t think you all want the play-by-play (if you do, join the Incubator, where I’ll be giving more insight into my own process).

What I know is coming:

  • More writing, less everything else. I got into business as a writer, and I’ve moved away from it as everyone told me that video is where it’s at. Oh well, l guess I’m not “where it’s at.” This means an intended resurgence for my neglected blog, and, yes, I’m going to be emailing you more. And a lot of you will unsubscribe. And that’s fine with me, although I recommend checking out Unroll.Me first.
  • Less ongoing 1-1. This is a big one for me. I’ve spent the past few years saying I would never get rid of my ongoing 1-1 services. But to make space for writing and creation, I’m scaling back the 1-1 work. I’ll be introducing a new offer based on my experience that my ideal clients are Type A’s who prefer quick strategy they can implement then come back to me to tweak rather than week-to-week coaching. And this offer will support you for 6 months for less than it costs to work with me 3 months week-to-week. More to come.
  • More (affordable) courses and the Incubator. Straight up: the Incubator is where I’ll be spending my time this year. Because courses/podcasts/books are great, but ultimately you need to be executing and experimenting. So the Incubator will provide the training but focus on making sure you get what you need to implement what you’re learning. I hate running courses for 8 weeks then sending everyone out into the world. I want to support you for at least a year when you come into my space.
    If you’ve been following my emails the past few months, you’ll have seen a lot of small course offers. That has been part of an experiment, and I like where it’s going. I’m going to be creating more small courses/resources/trainings that you can grab at a discount once a month or so. I’m hoping to up the production value of them soon too. Peeps in the Incubator will vote on upcoming trainings for the whole community, so it will be super applicable for you.
    If you want access to all the materials I create for under $200, plus immediate access to my 75-page signature $1997 course, group coaching, private training, networking opportunities, behind-the-scenes of my business, and guest expert access, you can join the Incubator for a year for $997 (or 3 payments of $397).
  • Live events. I want more. Creative CEOs Live is in less than 8 weeks! That will be more conference style (we’ve got 7 speakers!), but I’m also looking at hosting small (10 people) weekend workshops and retreats.

So that’s what’s up. Still in play are things like whether I eliminate my free Facebook group and if/when I really want to start my new podcast (I do love podcasting, but I love writing more). And what my new, more aligned opt-ins will be. And which software I’ll use for my funnels and courses and Incubator. But that stuff is trivial.

The big picture is clear again.

This is what emerges when I practice what I preach and truly reevaluate my business with my own process. And I’m excited that, this time, I don’t have to rebrand or buy new domains or anything like that. It just feels better.

My colleagues told me that there was no need to tell all of you any of this. Just act. And that’s totally fair, but I love sharing my process. Because it’s messy. And not every coach or strategist wants you to see that.

I do.

What do you think? I’d love to know what this may have stirred up in you. Let me know.

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