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Mallie Rydzik is a tornado scientist turned serial online entrepreneur, consultant, speaker, writer, and editor. She manages various income streams and creative projects while supporting entrepreneurs in designing unconventional businesses, and she supports established businesses in getting strategically creative with their communications. When she’s not working on her next big idea, you can find her taking trips and cruises around the world with her ultra-marathoner husband, Matt.

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Mallie Rydzik, M.S., is a tornado scientist turned serial online entrepreneur, consultant, speaker, writer, and editor. She left academia in 2012 after diagnoses of OCD, chronic depression, and binge eating disorder led her to rediscover life and work. Now, after starting and running various internet businesses, she uses her gifts of coaching, strategy, and communications to support the evolution of creative entrepreneurs into creative CEOs and the infusion of entrepreneurial creative thinking into bigger businesses.

In January of 2013, Mallie was fresh out of graduate school and working on the project management team of a small government contractor. In an effort to find more future-focused work, she began exploring freelance science writing and editing. She grew her business, taking on both larger corporate clients and smaller operations as clients, by highlighting her unique background and voice. By July, she had left her corporate position to pursue entrepreneurship wholeheartedly.

From there, she began exploring other online business opportunities, including e-commerce, dropshipping, digital marketing, systems consulting, strategy, and operations. Mallie began taking on more clients who wanted help establishing their own businesses, and she noticed a gap in the market she served. She committed herself to helping entrepreneurs think and act bigger, taking her clients from the hustle of #entrepreneurlife to a more strategic, sustainable, CEO-level approach to their business.

Mallie’s personal mission is to change the way the world works by encouraging creative thinking and unconventional careers worldwide. She has been published or featured in new and traditional media, including USA Today, Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Hack the Entrepreneur, and Brazen Careerist. Mallie was featured in Fizzle’s 25 Up-And-Coming Indie Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2015, and she was highlighted in the One Woman Shop 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs in 2017. She can be reached directly for inquiries at

Great job! Very informative! A unique perspective and innovative model for business success.

Lorigiana Meneide

Director of Virtual Learning, Entrepreneurs' Organization

Inspiring and motivating! I had the pleasure of co-hosting the You’ve Got This Online Summit and Mallie was one of our speakers. We left the Summit inspired and ready to challenge ourselves to do greater things which Mallie contributed to significantly. Her knowledge, experience and curiosity for life is clearly demonstrated by her presentation. I will attend Mallie’s speaking engagements every chance I get!

Nora Whalen


Mallie brings her personal stories into her presentations creating an opportunity for the audience to connect with her and her message.

Jessica Dewell

Advisor, Consultant, Speaker

Suggested Program

The Creative CEO Revolution:

How Creatives Are Thriving In A Post-Recession Economy

In her signature talk, Mallie recaps the big-picture forces that have driven the sharp increase in freelance workers since the Great Recession, then shows how the next revolution is taking place: one in which freelancers are building out scaled, bootstrapped creative companies.

Learn about the challenges and benefits of creative entrepreneurs becoming Creative CEOs, including a breakdown of Mallie’s signature Creative CEO Framework for small business owners looking to step into a bigger role in their own companies:

  1. Mindset
  2. Positioning
  3. Packaging
  4. Promotion
  5. Integration

This program can be presented as a 15-minute Ted-style talk, a 1-hour keynote, or an interactive half- or full-day workshop. 

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Mallie’s fee varies depending on audience size, topic, presentation style and length, and travel required.

Consulting available as part of package pricing.

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